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June 17, 2012 Summer

I’m going to attempt to type on the iPhone even though I keep misspelling every word I type..

This summer has been really fun and I know it’s going to be an unforgettable summer too. It started off with my high school graduation which turned out to be fun :) Uyen and Tommy and Johnny and Melissa and Tu came over to my house before the ceremony. Melissa made me a video abs it nearly made me cry bur I didn’t want to start pouring tears in front of everyone xD God, I love her. Tu bought me roses which are probably wilted by now TnT an she Gots a Keroppi that I can add to my collection of Keroppi’s :-D Rosey got me a really funny card. Tommy got me a Durarara phone charm and wrote me an embarrassing letter, haha xD It was so totally Tommy cliche. Johnny got me a Pikachu plush and a Keroppi one. Thank you everyone for all the presents :)
After graduation we all went to eat at Uyen’s house an she had a butt load of food xD Thank you for all those times you fed me :-D

3 days after graduation I flew to Boston with Johnny and got to see Uyen and Tommy before I left. I dropped off Caitlyn’s birthday present at her door and went to say bye to Nina but he wasn’t home.
So, Boston is amazing. Besides all the walking, the city is beautiful and there’s sooo much shopping stores! I’d be broke if I lived there. I definitely would want to visit there again. My favorite stores there were Newbury Comic Store, Urban Outfitters, an Mike’s Pastries! :)

After being in Boston for 2 weeks we visited NYC and got to see Time Square which was amazing too but the city smelled bad.. Haha. We stayed in the city for a few hours and then drove to Phily where we went see he memorials there. We went to DC and saw the memorials there too. We got to see the titanaboa replica which is a huge extinct snake that was like 4 feet tall and 26 inches wide! Then we drove to Wilmington, NC and stayed there for 2 weeks. Devan was sad when we had to leave. D: and now we’re in Atlanta. So far we went to the mall and tonight we’re going out to eat in the city.

I’m not going to edit this because it took forever to type. I left out a lot of details. Anyways, I don’t want to go home because I have an appointment to pull out my wisdom teeth on the 25th…

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Apr. 01, 2012

Played tennis for 15 minutes yesterday and now my left butt cheek hurts today. 

Mardi Gras Break..

Yaayyyyy, TIME TO

work on my off-school days.

Will I be able to learn that song for him before next month?

Jan. 23, 2012

Chuc mung nam moi! New Years remind me of the good times I had during the last New Years. I met so much people and made new friends last year. It was a fun day. This year was different from last year. I refuse to go to sleeeep. I don’t feel tired when I should feel tired and when it’s okay for me to not feel tired I feel tired. I have to try to cradle Talon to sleep because his dad is having a party at his house right now. =.= ugh. He only sees Talon, like, 3 times a week and he can’t even spend quality time with him. I guess I’m complaining because Talon is making me angryyyy right now =.= He’s so hyper ; - ;

Lotus Hall was okay. I saw Mel, Justin, Tyler(for a little bit,) Johnny, and hanged out with Karen. They did this really creepy chant on stage and I was scared :c LOL jk but yeah. Then there was LOUD fire crackers! >n< nyaah I wanna see a lion dance D: lion dance lion dance

Jan. 22, 2012

I set my alarm to wake me up at 9:45am so I could do my homework before I went to work but..that didn’t work out so well. LOL Went to work at 1pm and Mr. Ernest let me go home at 5pm and he told me Happy New Years ^-^ Chuc mung nam moi! (I hope I spelled that right) I hanged out with a lot of people today and met Huong :3 She’s so adorable. Phuong gave me $2 for New Years :D I’m home now..tired…tireddd…

Jan. 19 till God Knows When

School has taken over my life. 

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Jan. 17, 2012

I feel tired and my eyes hurt. I did my homework, I read my books, I studied for tests. Now I’m done for the days. At the end of the day I just want to feel accomplished. I want to feel like I tried my best. I know tomorrow is another chance but I’ve already had too many chances that I missed. 

But anyways, I love the rain. Pitter patter. 

What I hate is when there’s humidity mixed in with it.